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Sukuk on Blockchain

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Sukuk on Blockchain

This learning module explains the concepts of sukuk, blockchain technology and highlights the benefits of issuing sukuk on blockchain with some practical examples from the industry.

Duration 09m 35s

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09m 06s
Islamic Capital Markets Sukuk 101
13m 52s
Introduction to Sukuk Sukuk 101
08m 46s
Sukuk Types and Structures in the Market Sukuk 101
12m 50s
Sukuk Main Structures Sukuk 101
11m 21s
Asset Based and Asset Backed Sukuk Sukuk 101
12m 03s
Hybrid Sukuk Sukuk 101
05m 49s
Convertible Sukuk Sukuk 101
00m 57s
Programme Introduction - Sukuk Sukuk Structuring - Part 1
00m 32s
Sukuk - Part 1 Overview Sukuk Structuring - Part 1
12m 03s
Introduction to Bonds Sukuk Structuring - Part 1