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This path will provide you with a strong foundation in Takaful (Islamic insurance). Once you have completed this path, you shall have a good understanding of Takaful as a product, the Shariah contracts that govern Takaful, its business models and stakeholders.

  • 3 Programmes
  • Duration 57m 08s
Introduction to Takaful
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This programme provides a general understanding of the concept of Takaful as an Islamic Finance product and the risk mitigation strategies used in the industry.

Understanding Insurance
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This programme provides you with an introduction to conventional insurance, its risk management tools, and the reasons behind its non-compliance. It also highlights the Takaful model and the Shariah contracts adopted in the industry.

Takaful in Practice
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This programme presents you with a designed and simplified approach to the Takaful business models and the key stakeholders involved.