Accessing Halal Markets Certification

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What you will learn: 

  • Halal Markets Dynamics 
  • Halal Reputation Risk Management 
  • Logistics and Halal Supply Chain Management
  • How to Determine Readiness to Access Halal Markets
  • Halal Parks and Halal Clusters
  • Financing for Halal Enterprises
  • Halal Retail
  • Halal Branding and Marketing 


This Certification features a high-impact and interactive learning experience that is distributed over 8 to 10 consecutive weeks. The course is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace giving you access to a masterfully curated range of professionally drafted learning package that features: 

  • Live Sessions by Industry Experts 
  • Live Q&A 
  • Application opportunity: Case Studies, Reading and Application Tasks, Breakout Sessions
  • Team-based Learning and Knowledge Sharing
  • Multi-dimensional Interactions with IM Messenger
  • Breakthrough Access to Financial Intelligence 

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Why to get Certified? 

Halal economy is worth today over US$5 trillion and is growing at an accelerated pace which offers unlimited number of opportunities in Halal markets, including food, personal care and services. 

Recognising the size of Halal economy today in the industry, the Accessing Halal Markets Professional Certifications enables you to: 

  1. Gain a Competitive Advantage: acquaint yourself with Halal markets through a fully integrated learning approach that allows you to have an inclusive understanding of this field.
  2. Develop Your Capabilities: access industry-led resources and bridge any pre-knowledge gaps.
  3. Learn Your Way: Learn from industry experts, a wide variety of resources such as live workshops, case studies and interactive discussions in your own pace.
  4. Expand Your Career: Integrate and apply your learnings to unlock the unprecedented commercial opportunities.
  5. Establish Professional Credibility: Widen and solidify your perspective and skills to better address pressing local and global issues. 

Mode: Fully Digital 

Total Course Length: ~20 Hrs

Certification Details


Accessing Halal Markets programme will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to comprehend the dynamics of these markets and learn how to adapt your business strategy to access the industry. It will cover the key factors of the Halal industry, the compliance requirements in terms of production and logistics, and will help you determine your business readiness to prosper in these markets. This certification is delivered by industry and trade specialists who are actively engaged in Halal markets and working with governments to deliver policy to support the Halal ecosystem.

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